Creating Niche Brands with Ian Fishman – Episode 129


Creating Niche Brands with Ian Fishman

Everyone of us has a niche market for our voice over business. Some of us just haven’t realized it yet, found it yet, or taken the leap to pursue it yet. I hope this episode becomes an inspirational launch point for you!

Ian Fishman has not one, not two, not even three niche brands. He’s actually created four! Each one with a specific focus and target audience and each one adding consistent leads and opportunities into his pipeline. Each one also follows it’s own unique model. Grab a pen and paper and take some notes. You’re going to learn a lot!

Ian Fishman (Fish Sounds VO) – https://fishsoundsvo.com

High End VO – https://highendvo.com

Millennial Voice Over – https://millennialvoiceover.com

Blue Wave Voice Over – https://www.bluewavevoiceover.com

Ian on Twitter – @fishsoundsvo

Marc on Twitter – @marcscott

Marc on Instagram – @marcscott


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