Transitioning from Part Time to Full Time Voice Over with Brandon Miller – Episode 137


Transitioning from Part Time to Full Time Voice Over

It’s what so many voice actors dream of, but also what so many voice actors don’t know how to do… quit the day job and only do voice over! So just how does one transition from part time to full time voice over? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Brandon Miller recently made the leap himself. I had an opportunity to chat with him about his experience and learn about the challenges and insights he’s dealt with along the way… all while it’s still fresh and new in his mind!

In this episode Brandon discusses two books that really impacted his business…

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (Click Here)

Creative Calling – Chase Jarvis (Click Here)

Brandon Miller – https://brandonmillervoiceover.com

Brandon on Instagram – @brandonmillervo

Marc on Twitter – @marcscott

Marc on Instagram – @marcscott

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