5 Voice Over Marketing Fears and the Playbook to Overcome Them – Episode 028


When it comes to marketing and voice over, there are a lot of fears, myths and negative narratives that exist among talent. I don’t know if we want marketing to be hard, or if we just think marketing is hard. The reality is, it’s can actually be kind of fun when you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

In this weeks episode I speak directly to five of the most common marketing fears, or perhaps, excuses, that I hear from voice actors and address each one.

I also offer up the Playbook for permanently kicking marketings butt and becoming the consistently working voice actor you truly want to be.

For more details visit voiceovermarketingplaybook.com

1 comment on “5 Voice Over Marketing Fears and the Playbook to Overcome Them – Episode 028

  1. Tom Parker says:

    “Cortana speaks eight languages, Google Assistant speaks four, Alexa speaks two.

    But until fairly recently, voice — and the ability to form words, sentences and complete thoughts — was a uniquely human attribute. It’s a complex mechanical task, and yet nearly every human is an expert at it. Human response to voice is deeply ingrained, beginning when children hear their mother’s voice in the womb.

    What constitutes a pleasant voice? A trustworthy voice? A helpful voice? How does human culture influence machines’ voices, and how will machines, in turn, influence the humans they serve? We are in the infancy stage of developing a seamless facsimile of human interaction. But in creating it, developers will face ethical dilemmas. It’s becoming increasingly clear that for a machine to seamlessly stand in for a human being, its users must surrender a part of their autonomy to teach it. And those users should understand what they stand to gain from such a surrender and more importantly, what they stand to lose.

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