9 Helpful Tools for the Everyday VOpreneur – Episode 26


Hardware, software and all points in between. It takes a lot of different types of tools to run a successful voice over business. I’ve previously published an eBook highlighting over 50 of the ones I use for various and assorted purposes.

In this weeks episode, I share a few of my favourite tools, and I’ve collected a few stories from some Everyday VOpreneurs talking about the different tools they’re using to make running a business a little bit more organized and easier.


Wave Apps – https://waveapps.com

90X Planner – https://90xgoalplanner.com

Headliner – https://headliner.app

CamCard – https://camcard.com

Nimble – https://nimble.com/marcscottvo (Free 45 Day trial at this link)

Kensington Trackball – https://www.kensington.com/en-ca/p/products/control/trackballs/slimblade-trackball/

VoiceZam – https://msvo.me/msvoicezam (3 months for the price of 1 affiliate link)

Evernote – https://evernote.com

Asana – https://asana.com


* Sign up for 3 months of VoiceZam for the price of 1!
Visit https://msvo.me/msvoicezam

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View it now at https://marcscottcoaching.com/whatiscrm

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Stefanie Gallagher
Visit http://www.stefaniegallaghervo.com

Galena White
Visit – https://www.audiblyyours.com

JD Kaye
Visit http://vobyjd.com

Judith Bareham
Visit https://www.thevoiceofjudithbareham.com

* Thanks to “Uncle Roy” for production assistance!
Visit https://antlandproductions.com

* Thanks to Christy Harst for VO contributions!
Visit https://christyharst.com

* Thanks to Krysta Wallrauch for VO contributions!
Visit http://krystawallrauch.com

Guest Contributors

  • 6:12 Stefanie Gallagher
  • 15:09 Galena White
  • 22:32 JD Kaye
  • 28:36 Judith Bareham

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