Real Advice for New Voice Actors from Seasoned Voice Actors – Episode 097


Starting a voice over business is filled with challenges.

You’ve got coaching, training, demos, equipment, marketing, websites and domains, branding, accountants and a million other things you need to figure out.

Who can you trust to help you figure that out? What else do you need to know? What should you be focusing on? Who should you be listening to?

The purpose of this episode is simple… to give you a little guidance. But not just from me. From some of your peers. Voice Actors who have been there, done that, learned some lessons a long the way and want to share.

Heed their advice. It’s all really good!


Kayla Jackson – https://kaylajacksonvo.com/

Eli Schiff – https://www.elliotschiff.com/

Jenna Sharpe https://www.jennasharpe.com/

Garnet Williams – http://williamsvoiceovers.com/

Lynn Norris – https://www.voicedbylynn.com/

Chad Jo Peterson – https://www.chadjovoiceover.com/


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Special Guest Contributors

  • 4:44 6 Tips - Kayla Jackson
  • 16:07 Don't Rush - Eli Schiff
  • 20:26 Perpetual Training - Jenna Sharpe
  • 26:50 Triple Check - Garnet Williams
  • 30:48 Eating Elephants - Lynn Norris
  • 35:04 Who to Trust - Chad Jo Peterson
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