How to Market Your VO Business on a Local Level – Episode 034


What if I told you there was a place to look for voice over opportunities where you could, quite literally, be the only voice actor competing for the job? This place exists, and it’s often overlooked because we’re too busy surfing the web for jobs around the globe!

In this weeks episode, I’m sharing stories from Everyday VOpreneurs just like you, who are crushing marketing on a local level. Finding, connecting and creating opportunities for voice over work right within their own communities!

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Rick MacIvor
Visit https://www.rickmacivor.com

Andrew W. Barckley
Visit https://awbvoice.com

Amy Roach
Visit https://www.amyroachvo.com

Mike Tobin
Visit https://bilingualvoiceover.ca

Karen Allen

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Visit https://antlandproductions.com

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Visit https://christyharst.com

* Thanks to Krysta Wallrauch for VO contributions!
Visit http://krystawallrauch.com

Everyday VOpreneurs in this Episode

  • 6:28 Rick MacIvor
  • 10:19 Andrew W. Barckley
  • 15:42 Amy Roach
  • 20:23 Mike Tobin
  • 26:32 Karen Allen
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