How to Overcome Negativity Bias and Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Episode 056


Your brain is genetically pre-disposed to keep you alive. This has been a thing since caveman days. Science refers to it as, “Negativity Bias.” It’s what allowed man to survive the dinosaurs or saber-tooth tigers or other cavemen with clubs.

In 2020, our brains are still trying to keep us alive and protect us, only there are no more dinosaurs. Which I suppose is a good thing, unless you’re one of those people who are totally into dinosaurs and this makes you sad. In which case, I’m sorry for your loss.

Thing is, our programming is designed to keep us safe. Safe from physical and emotional pain, or from a global COVID-19 pandemic, or from running out of toilet paper! Safe from criticism and the risk of failure.

This negativity bias skews the way we consume information and the way we perceive our life and circumstances. You may not realize it, but that’s having a profound impact on how you think about and operate your voice over business.

It can keep you from trying to new things. It can keep you from auditioning for certain jobs. It can keep you from doing the marketing you know you’re supposed to be doing!

In this weeks epside, I offer a simple three-step plan for overcoming negativity bias that will help you reduce your stress and anxiety in the midst of this current global crisis, as well as in your own business.

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