Not Every Rates Story is Bad – Episode 030


Basically every time you open up any of your social media feeds, odds are you’re going to see another story about declining voice over rates. Another story from a voice actor who’s upset with the budget they were offered. Another rant about how certain casting sites are killing the industry.

It’s a perpetual pity party… and it’s getting old!

With this episode, my hope is we can begin to shift the narrative. What you’ll find is a collect of five stories from Everyday VOpreneurs just like you who successfully stood by their rates and booked the job. VOpreneurs who know their worth and run their businesses accordingly.

Let these stories inspire you and help prove that not every rates story is a bad one!


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Rob Novak

Ben Wake

Jenn Henry

Emmett Andrews

Ryan Desrosiers

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Everyday VOpreneurs in this Episode

  • 6:18 Rob Novak
  • 10:57 Ben Wake
  • 17:45 Jenn Henry
  • 23:32 Emmett Andrews
  • 29:08 Ryan Desrosiers
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