Pivoting Your Voice Over Business to Get Through COVID-19 – Episode 058


Do you feel like things are changing almost daily in the world right now as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic? You’re not alone in that feeling. New rules. Restrictions. Business closures. Shutdowns. Lockdowns! These are crazy days.

As a VOpreneur, part of your job right now is figuring out how to get through this with your business still thriving and that means learning how to pivot. Maybe you’ve been focussed in one area, but now opportunities are in a different area… you’ve got to pivot! Maybe you planned for one demo, but now a different demo makes more sense. Pivot!

In this weeks episode, I share some of my observations from what’s happening in the industry, and give you some questions to ponder and brainstorm as you look for ways to pivot and keep finding work.

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