Productivity Hacks for the VOpreneur Working From Home – Episode 038


Working from home is one of the greatest perks of being a voice actor. It can also be one of the greatest challenges. How do you stay productive and focussed when there are a million distractions grabbing for your attention?

In this weeks episode of the podcast, I share a few of my own productivity tips and you’re also going to get some stories and tips from other everyday VOpreneurs trying to overcome the same struggles.


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Darbi Worley
Visit https://www.darbiworley.com

Jennifer Antkowiak
Visit http://soundshinevo.com

Mike Ciporkin
Visit https://www.mikeciporkinvoices.com

Zuleika Deciga
Visit http://zuleikadeciga.com

Patrick Kirchner
Visit https://www.soundattention.com

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* Thanks to Krysta Wallrauch for VO contributions!
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VOpreneur's in This Episode

  • 4:22 Darbi Worley
  • 10:22 Jennifer Antkowiak
  • 17:35 Mike Ciporkin
  • 23:13 Zuleika Deciga
  • 28:34 Patrick Kirchner
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