Thing to Consider Before Building Your Home Voice Over Studio – Episode 041


Building a legit home studio is a dream goal for many voice actors. To finally have a place to work in that isn’t a closet! Before you dive into a build, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Many things you need to plan for. If you’re going to finally build your space, you want to build something you’re happy with. A place you’re excited to spend your days.

While I am not a home studio expert, I did go through a complete build from scratch and certainly learned a few lessons along the way. In this weeks episode I share some of the story of my build, some of the most important considerations that are often overlooked, and with a little hindsight, I talk about a few things I may have done differently if given the chance.

PS: If you’re planning a build, don’t consult Facebook Groups. You’ll get too many opinions and many of them may not be that helpful. Skip that step and go straight to the pros. Reach out to someone like “Uncle” Roy Yokelson, George Whittam or Dan Lenard. Their input will be so much more valuable to you!


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This was the space after we gutted it.
A view before any of the finishes touches were added.
My work station is a 27″ iMac with two 24″ displays. You can never have too many monitors!
A look at the booth.
There’s a monitor mounted on the wall connected to my main studio machine. I can sit or stand to record.
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