Why You Can’t Forget the Old While in Pursuit of the New – Episode 051


My 7 year old has been watching the Toy Story movies on Disney Plus. It’s the first time she’s seen a few of them. Because she does things in her own unique and special way… always, she started with Toy Story 4 and watched them in reverse. Then, to make sure she didn’t miss anything, she started back at the original and watched them through to the fourth installment.

As I was watching with her the other day, I was thinking about the theme of the shiny new toy. How when that new toy comes in, it’s easy to relegate your old toys to the shelf or the closet or the bottom of the toy box or under the bed.

Maybe this has happened in your life. Maybe you’re having childhood flashbacks as you read this, thinking of a Christmas or birthday when the old favorite toys got replaced.

My question to you today is… has it ever happened in your voice over business? Have you done it and not even realized it! Have you got so caught up in the pursuit of something shiny and new that you forget about the old faithful thing(s) that you’ve had in your corner for years?

After you’re done listening to this episode, I think you may have some work to do!


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