Your Best Piece of Advice


At some point in our journey, someone has spoken into our life or business and given advice that left a lasting impression. Maybe it was a coach, a mentor, maybe even a family member. Perhaps it was something you heard in a podcast or read in a blog.

In this weeks episode, I’ve reached out to Everyday VOpreneurs and asked them to share the best piece of advice they’ve been given. In between their stories, I share some of the best advice I have to offer voice actors as well.


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Listen to Episode 015 – Attending Non Voice Over Conferences


Susan Mazel
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Stephen Carlock
Visit https://www.carlockvoiceovers.com

Janet Peters
Visit https://www.janetpetersvoices.com

Christina Kelley
Visit https://christinakelley.com

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* Thanks to Christy Harst for VO contributions!
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* Thanks to Krysta Wallrauch for VO contributions!
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VOpreneurs in this Episode

  • 7:14 Susan Mazel - You're online too much. Get out in the real world.
  • 10:47 Stephen Carlock - Comparison steals joy.
  • 18:41 Janet Peters - How you feel comes across in the booth.
  • 30:18 Christina Kelley - It's not rejection. It's ice cream. They just wanted a different flavour this time.

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